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Vector plot

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VPLOT plots (velocity) vectors as colored wedges (or other shapes)


Updated 21 Mar 2017

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VPLOT(X,Y,U,V) plots velocity vectors as colored wedges (default shapes) with directions defined by the components (U,V) and centers at the points (X,Y). The arrays X,Y,U,V must all be the same size. By default, the shape colors are determined by the velocity amplitudes.

VPLOT(X,Y,U,V,C) uses C to determine the shape colors. C must be of same size as U and V. If C = [], the wedge colors are determined by the velocity amplitudes. If C is a single character string chosen from the list 'r','g','b', 'c','m','y','w','k', or an RGB row vector triple, [r g b], the shape is filled with the constant specified color.

By default, VPLOT automatically scales the shapes, and their areas are proportional to the velocity amplitudes. The colors are based on the current colormap and the color scaling is determined by the range of C, or by the current setting of CAXIS.

The shapes and their size can be modified by the structure OPTIONS: VPLOT(X,Y,U,V,OPTIONS) or VPLOT(X,Y,U,V,C,OPTIONS).

Enter "help vplot" in the Matlab command window for complete instructions and several examples.

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Abdulla AlAmeri

Your function is perfect and I love it, you did a great job documenting the stuff you did and how to use it, however I have an issue, the problem is based on the scaling the function displays more or less arrows than the actual number of x,y coordinated given, how can i make it show one arrow only at that position of the x and y ?

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