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Ginput with snap to grid

Input points using your mouse on a mouse friendly grid. Points will snap to grid.


Updated 09 May 2017

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MOUSE_POINTS Input nodes from a grid.
Mouse_Points allows to input points using a variation of ginput Matlab function. The points will snap to the grid. The function returns the [n X Y] matrix (n = number of non repeated nodes, X = x coordinate, Y = y coordinate). The function is mouse friendly.
Left Click : add a point
Scroll : zoom in/out
Scroll Wheel click : pan
Double Scroll Wheel click : reset view to default view
Right click : set new default view
Enter : return [n X Y] matrix

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Franklin Fabián Lucero Luna (2020). Ginput with snap to grid (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Mike D.

It would be nice if it would work with a figure that is already created, and if the user can specify the grid spacing. My need is that I have a shape with too many points and want to create a polygon of 8 to 12 points around it, but I want to force the grid snap to be 0.0025 units, whereas this program always uses a snap grid of 1.0 units.


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Inspired by: Mouse-friendly FIGURE