Surface area

Calculate surface area and centroid of a surface or mesh.
Updated 15 Aug 2017

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[totalArea, areas, centroid] = surfarea(x,y,z)
[totalArea, areas, centroid] = surfarea(h), where h is a handle to a Surface object.

surfarea calculates the total surface area as well as returns the areas of each individual cell, along with the area centroid of the surface.
Example: Plot peaks, coloring each cell with its own area.
[x,y,z] = peaks;
[area,cellAreas,centroid] = surfarea(x,y,z);

h = surf(x,y,z,cellAreas); axis image
title(sprintf('Total surface area: %.2f', surfarea(h)));

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Sky Sartorius (2024). Surface area (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2016a
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Inspired by: disperse

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Version Published Release Notes

Eliminated need for disperse tool.

Added centroid calculation.