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Updated 6 Dec 2006

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Here we present some MATLAB programs which solve the second
problem of Dynamics:
* Derive differential equations, resolve them analytically or numerically, and plot the relative graphics.
* There is no necessity to write a procedure-function for the derivatives! It is generated automatically.
* You can choose in-line the most proper Solver to your problem.
* All the data can be input from data files or in-line mode.
* You can run these programs repeatedly with different values of some parameters p1, p2, ..., and ini-conditions without restarting them.
* The programs are applying in the laboratory tutorials with the students of Mechanical Engineering in Technical University at Gabrovo, BULGARIA.
* These programs are written in accordance with plans of SCOPES PROJECT No 7 IP 65642 - Establishing CSE in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

List of the Programs:

1. DTX - rectilinear motion of a particle;
2. DTXY - planar motion of a particle in Cartesian coordinates;
3. DTPC - planar motion of a particle in polar coordinates;
4. ROT - rotational motion of a body;
5. EKIN - theorem of the kinetic energy in differential form;
6. LAGRE1 - Lagrange equation for systems with 1 degree of freedom;
7. LAGRE2 - Lagrange equations for systems with 2 degrees of freedom;
8. LAGREN - Lagrange equations for systems with N degrees of freedom.

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