Directory Clean-up

Automatically clean up a directory by moving files to a sub-directory.
Updated 24 Nov 2004

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Clean up a directory by moving or copying files into a subdirectory based on the files creation date. Can be used to move results from script that generates output files.

[] = DirCleanUp(in,flag_copy,newdir,dirname,readmefile);

in = [30;10] -> move/copy all the files from -30 days to -10 days form now into a new directory
in = 30; -> move/copy all the files from -30 days to now into a new directory
"in" can be in datevec format [2003 10 13 17 43 00] for [year month day hour min sec]
flag_copy -> if 1 copy, else move the files, default is move
newdir -> new directory name, default is "test_currentdate"
dirname -> the directory to be cleaned up, if not given ask for directory
readmefile -> file to be copied in the new directory as "readme.txt"

copy all the files of the last 24 hours from c:\temp into C:\temp\Toto

DirCleanUp([2000 01 01 00 00 00;2000 12 31 23 59 59],[],[],[],'toto.txt');
move all the files from january 1st 2000 to december 31st 2000 into the subdirectory test_23-Nov-2004_11-29-45 of the directory selected by the user (using uigetdir), and copy the file toto.txt in the new directory to readme.txt

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