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A Quantum Mini-Black Hole in Inner Space

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A Quantum Mini-Black Hole in Inner Space

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Updated 04 Sep 2001

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Using our new imaging technology and as Dr.Einstein predicted in 1948, we have discovered a Nanoworld in a micro-biosystem at a Quantum level inside of a molecule. Depicted are energy wave shapes of colored pyramidical energy crystals that are self-constructing larger colored pyramidical crystals of matter from out of random chaos. We feel that this picture along with hundreds of others that we have taken at a Quantum level substantiate Einstein's hypothesis of the existence of the UNIFIED FIELD THEORY. It appears that we live in a small World, in a small Galaxy, in a small Universe, made up of one particle after all.

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Comments and Ratings (9)

Rob Campbell

This is silly

Arwel Hughes

"Nanoworld in a micro-biosystem at a Quantum level inside of a molecule"
This is complete gibberish, and since the picture isn't even that pretty, and 'James Watson' is an alias, could it be deleted please.

John Skeptic

This looks like some modern art crap. What am I looking at?

Ray Ray

Say, doesnt the figure on the left side of the image look like a dancing man (wearing yellow jacket, grey pants)?

blue chip

A load of trash.

Now Cleu

Very interesting result from biomathematical and quanto-geological points of view. Perhaps this discovery is one of the most groundbreaking ever, and would become a basis for the new science of XXIV century. Perhaps a Nobel Prize level.

Marco Klu

I can't make any sense of this image.

Karl Simanonok

Interesting, but I can't really tell what it is I'm looking at. What's the scale? What kind of crystal are we looking at? What's the difference between yellow things and purple things etc.?

shirin fahimi

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