plotStickers | Plot data series with patch stickers to represent value range

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Simple function to plot data series with patch stickers to represent value range
Updated 3 Aug 2017

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create a figure with patch stickers to represent data series with value range
usage: handleFig = plotStickers(series,values)
usage: handleFig = plotStickers(series,values,options)

arguments: (input)
series - cell array - contains data series names.

values - numeric array - contains min and max values for each data serie.

options - (OPTIONAL) structure - contains options.

Valid properties:
'map', 'patchHeigth', 'diplayValues', 'legend', 'legendLocation', 'XLim', 'XMinorTick'

The only legal values for each of these properties are:

'map' - string --> name of one of the built-in colormaps functions
(see help on colormap for more details)
DEFAULT = 'parula'

'patchHeigth' - scalar --> heigth of the patch (between 0 and 1...)

'displayValues' - true --> display the values
false --> or not
DEFAULT = true

'legend' - true --> display the legend
false --> display YLabels instead of legend
DEFAULT = true

'legendLocation' - string --> location of the legend with respect to
the axes, specified as one of the location values
(see help on legend for more details)
DEFAULT = 'best'

'XLim' - [xmin xmax] --> set x-axis limits
DEFAULT = adjusted from min and max values of values

'XMinorTick' - 'on' --> display of minor tick marks
'off' --> or not
DEFAULT = 'on'

'YStep' - scalar --> heigth of the step between two Y

Arguments: (output)
handleFig - handle to the figure

If no output argument is provided for, then the figure will only be displayed.

Example usages:

values=[ 2.4 5 ; 1.2 4.3 ; 2 5.25 ; 4 6; 3.2 6.4; 0.8 5.5];'summer';

Copyright Fabien Baillon - 29/07/2017

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fbaillon (2024). plotStickers | Plot data series with patch stickers to represent value range (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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