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Cyclic Voltammetry Simulator

version (413 KB) by Peter Attia
Cyclic voltammetry simulator


Updated 15 Oct 2017

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A simple cyclic voltammetry simulator, built as a MATLAB app. Used R2017a App Designer. Based on Appendix B in Bard & Faulkner. See for details.

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nice,,, is there a way of getting the x-y data ?

Shuo Wang

Hi Peter, thanks for your reply, I get it.

-Shuo Wang

Peter Attia

Hi Shuo, yes this is correct. I just tested it with a potential range of +/- 5V and a scan rate of 10^-10 V/s, which are the practical limits for any CV simulations I personally study. It's possible there are other cases that "break" the simulation, but I haven't encountered them in my work. There is a numerical instability for very high chemical reaction rates - the code will warn you if you are in this regime. Bard and Faulkner also review this case (2nd ed., pg 797).

Shuo Wang

Hi, Peter,

I just reviewed your code, it seems to me the algorithm is an explicit difference method with dimensionless variables, have you experienced some numerical stability problems with specific parameters, e.g., a large potential range or slow scan rate? Many thanks.

Shuo Wang

Peter Attia

Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you can't run the app. I've posted a standalone script on my website: Since the B&F solution is analytical, it runs very quickly.

Shuo Wang

Hi, doctor Attia,

I built a similar simulator a few months ago too, I would like to try your simulator, but I do not have R2017a. I use a built-in PDE solver pdepe, which is time-consuming. I note that the algorithm in B&F's book may be more efficient. I wonder how long does your simulator complete a simulation?

Shuo Wang


Fixed error in chemical reaction term for species O

Added concentrations and install file

removed number of electrons transferred

Updated screenshot on FEX

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