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Iterative learning controller (ILC) versus multioscillatory controller (MOSC) battle.


Updated 25 Nov 2017

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A bunch of scripts and models to help you experiment with ILC and MOSC in the context of a grid-tie converter. Includes solution described in (R. Nazir). The authors' copy of my complete 9 page long paper (in English) is included. The research was partially supported by the National Centre for Research and Development (Narodowe Centrum Badan i Rozwoju) within the project No. PBS3/A4/13/2015 entitled "Superconducting magnetic energy storage with a power electronic interface for the electric power systems" (original title: "Nadprzewodzący magazyn energii z interfejsem energoelektronicznym do zastosowań w sieciach dystrybucyjnych"), 01.07.2015--30.06.2018. The acronym for the project is NpME.

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The authors' copy of the paper added.

More plots related to FD-ILC can be generated now.

A missing file has been added - sorry for my mistake. Now a fractional delay filter in an ILC system is also demonstrated.

Some stuff has been discretized.

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