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newfcn does create a M-Files based function with creation information.


Updated 30 Nov 2004

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>> newfcn('MyNewFcn') creates a M-File having the entered filename and a specific structure which helps for creating the main function structure. It would be opened and the starting line for writting will be highlighted (Only available in R14 or higher).

The actual working MATLAB Version will be also captured. If user forgot to enter code and execute the function, he will get a reminder to enter code in the function.

NEWFCN, NEWSL, NEWXPC and NEWFCN_RENAME are a set of M-Functions which shold help the MATLAB User to create Functions, Simulink and xPC Target based Models in a quick Way.

Enjoy and thx for your Feedback!

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Ronan Figureiredo Rossi

Great idea! It's a tool that fits perfectly to anyones' needs.

Jøger Hansegård

This is one of the few tools that I have downloaded and actually use! I have used it for several months now and its brilliant!

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