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Human Skull

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Human Skull


Updated 04 Sep 2001

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These images show six views of a 3D rendering of a human skull that was generated from 52 CT images and Lennart Bengtsson's 'equisurf' isosurface package, which can be found in the User Contributed M/MEX file ftp directory. Notice the detail of the skull surface that can be seen, including the left frontal bone flap which was caused by a previous brain surgery.

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Steve Humphries (2021). Human Skull (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (15)

nima aalizade

really? u shared an image? where is the matlab code???


John D'Errico

Rahul Agarwal

fake, no code

Antonio Barbeito

No file available. It's fake.



please gave the code

Pierce Brady

Are you planning to release the data so that we can generate our own model of the skull

makram mestiri

i need this code please

mohamed waly

hi i need this code please

Sandra Park



marissa partaker

what are the manie things of the human skull

David David

I recognize that skull!

moti v

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