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MATLAB and Simulink Racing Lounge: Vehicle Modeling with Simscape Multibody

Simscape Multibody model for the Vehicle Modeling series


Updated 12 Oct 2017

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This model shows how to represent vehicle and suspension dynamics with Simscape Multibody. The entry supplements the MATLAB and Simulink Racing Lounge video "Vehicle Modeling, Part 4: Simscape Multibody"
The model offers a visualization of the system response. The Contact Forces Library is used to model
contact between the wheel and the floor. The focus here is system-level vehicle and suspension modeling.

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Hi Dinesh, we recorded this video as basis for the files at hand:
Hope this helps. Feel welcome to ask further questions on MATLAB Answers forum and ping us the question-URL.
Best, Christoph

Dinesh tej

We are trying to understand the entire blockset, but input is still mystery, can you help?

Thank you for the model!
I wonder is there way to define current steer angle in this model?


Updated cover image to model screenshot.

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