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Gives through Links on MCW quick access to MATLAB Central.

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Updated 07 Dec 2004

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>> matlabcentral displays two Links on the MATLAB Command Window (MCW) using the matlabcolon Technology. The MATLAB User could click and either open in the Internet Browser the MATLAB Central File Exchange Main Page or to Search for a special string in the different Categories of File Exchange.

Both start option of matlabcentral could be also used typing the option while calling the function.

>> matlabcentral % Display Link options
>> matlabcentral('open') % Open Browser
>> matlabcentral('search') % Open Browser and display Search results.

The manually Commands and Options allow <R14 MATLAB Users also the usage of this MATLAB Central quick aceess, but not the matlabcolon Technology.

NOTE: I will implement in a Feature version of 'matlabcentral' an easy to use option for <R14 MATLAB Users.

The 'matlabcolon' Technology (matlab:) is a new Feature in R14 to enable on the MCW Links, where the User can execute MATLAB commands just clicking on it instead of typing them manually.

Enjoy and ThX for your Feedback.

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Frank González-Morphy (2021). MATLABCENTRAL (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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