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version 2.0.4 (19.8 MB) by Enrico Bertolazzi
G1 and G2 fitting with clothoids, circle and biarc


Updated 07 May 2021

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### G1 and G2 fitting with clothoids, spline of clothods, circle arc and biarc
**by Enrico Bertolazzi and Marco Frego**

for the documentation see ``

This is the NEW Object Oriented (OO) version of the Clothoids library.
For the old NON OO interface look at the branch `old_interface`.


Enrico Bertolazzi and Marco Frego
Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Trento

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Enrico Bertolazzi (2021). ebertolazzi/Clothoids (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (11)

Enrico Bertolazzi

Its a problem with submodules that the MATLAB distribution do not copy.
I made a new release duplicating files form submodules into toolbox so that next releases do not have this problem.
In the meantime try to download the toolbox directly from the GIT repos:

Daniele Nanni

Hi, I've followed the instructions. In matlab, I've compiled the file 'ComplileClothoidsLib.m' with the following results:
mex -c -largeArrayDims -Isrc -Isrc/Utils -c src/Utils/fmt/
Error using mex
D:\OneDrive - University of Pisa\Ing Automazione e Robotica\Tesi\Clothoids - Bertolazzi\toolbox\src\Utils\fmt\
not found; check that you are in the correct current folder, and check the spelling of 'D:\OneDrive - University of
Pisa\Ing Automazione e Robotica\Tesi\Clothoids - Bertolazzi\toolbox\src\Utils\fmt\'.
Error in CompileClothoidsLib (line 85)

What do I have to do?

Alessandro Antonucci

Enrico Bertolazzi

The software is developed on OSX. To compile the MEX library execute CompileLib.m on the directory matlab. To compile the c++ lib (to be used in c++) there is a makefile (that work on linux and OSX) and a CMakeLists.txt to be used with cmake on all the platforms.

Has anyone compiled this with macOS on a macbookair? Can the instructions be posted here please, thanks.

Cagatay Cebeci

Thank you for sharing and following people's requests. Definitely a good practice! I hope to benefit from this work for my research.

izzy schall

I found a solution by changing line 398 in to include parentheses :

return (std::max)(d1,(std::max)(d2,d3)) ;

(solution found here:

Enrico Bertolazzi

if you are compiling on windows with visual studio compiler probably the error is due to some version of the compiler which defined max and min as macros. I added a workaround for that in the last version of the library.

Valerio Magnago

Enrico Bertolazzi

It is correct, in the latest version I added the header inclusion. The error is due to that fact I develop mainly on OSX which include headers for STL in a slight different way.

Tim Pfitzer

Hi,I tried to compile your Lib. There is an error in Triangle2D I think you forgot to include the Header <algorithm>. After I fixed that i was able to compile it in Matlab.

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