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Huge Improvements, check out whats new, and view the video! -- Alex G


Updated 17 Apr 2018

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Author: Alex Geiger
Coming out with a new US census API come check it out!

If you have been looking to create a modern GUI you have found exactly what you are looking for. The toolbox comes equipt with 30+ new features and graphical objects. Enjoy!!
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you may reach me at 585-626-2965 or

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【Important Note】
To bring your custom built graphical interface to life all you need is to use is just two functions. Make sure to check out the documentation in conjunction with the script Example_Program.m to help you get started. However feel free to look through all the objects and functions! Good luck getting started on your journey.

【The Vision】
The toolbox provides an interactive experience to visualize data, extract features and build predictive models. The objective is to automate aspects of the feature engineering optimize predictive model performance. My goal is I'm the employee you want working for you. If you are interested in expanding your staff email me at

Will be posting feature extraction classes let me know which one you want me to integrate first!!

【Other Works Used】
Yair M. Altman who you may reach by email at for creating the findjobj.m Function. The function allowed me to create a search bar with round edges. For more information on his work, please visit,

Functions in folder however never really used.
Zohar Bar-Yehuda: plot_google_map

【Major Improvements】
- Built-in editbox references to allow them to disappear when are interfacing with the context menu.
- updated the default table when you switch between data types through the context menu
- new graphs are present but muted. these include factor analysis, histograms and more

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