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Updated 19 Dec 2017

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xkcd1930 is a generator of calendar facts, based on the xkcd comic by Randall Monroe:


s = xkcd1930; % Generate a random fact and save as long string s
s = xkcd1930('titletext'); % Same as above, but includes the title text
s = xkcd1930('wrap'); % The string "s" fits on the terminal display


s = xkcd1930('titletext','wrap');

xkcd1930 includes a modified version of "wraptext", by Chad Greene (2015). Full function available at:

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Updated title and description (again)

Now each random fact is equally likely. Fixed some capitalization issues.

Fixed a typo, removed useless input validation in wraptext

Just updated the description. That's it.

Just changed the title in the submission. That's it

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