Scatter Plot colored by Kernel Density Estimate

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Scatter plot where each point is colored by the spatial density of nearby points.
Updated 15 Jan 2018

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The function use the kernel smoothing function to compute the probability density estimate (PDE) for each point. It uses the PDE has color for each point.
x <Nx1 double> position of markers on X axis
y <Nx1 double> posiiton of markers on Y axis
varargin can be used to send a set of instructions to the scatter function
Supports the MarkerSize parameter
Does not support the MarkerColor parameter
h returns handles to the scatter objects created
% Generate data
x = normrnd(10,1,1000,1);
y = x*3 + normrnd(10,1,1000,1);
% Plot data using probability density estimate as function
scatter_kde(x, y, 'filled', 'MarkerSize', 100);
% Add Color bar
cb = colorbar();
cb.Label.String = 'Probability density estimate';

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Nils (2024). Scatter Plot colored by Kernel Density Estimate (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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