Interactively analyse your solar heater's/PV performane
Updated 24 Apr 2018

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Interactively analyse your solar heater's/PV performane...
this programm uses 4 independent sunposition calculators (from other users of matlab File exchange)t o calculate the sun's
position and trajetory for any Location and Date you choose.
Enter your roof tilt angle and the deviation form pure Noth-South direction and SOLAR_GUI calculates:
the dot product of solar panel normal vector and direct sun irradiance vector as well as the
alignment error (angle between the two vectors)
sun rise / set and sun hours
...for the day that you choose
the sun position right Now at your location is shown in a separate Tab...
right click the sun to activate a label that displays Azimuth and Elevation angle right now
Explore the data using tools such as: (Azimuth,Elevation)(time) Data Cursor
(dotProd,AlgnErr)(time) Data Cursor
(time) Data Cursor

Change plot appearence via UIcontextMenus : change Box Style , Grid on/off , Axes BackgroundColor , legend on/off
apply a SKY texture to the axes' BackPlanes, show/hide the solar
panel, activate/deactivate time labels for full hours...

You can also calculate the optimum tilt angle for any date( using OPT-TALK) in a separate GUI which can be opened via the menu OPT_TALK

this programm uses functions from other users wich i downloaded from matlab file exchange
- sunrise
- sunRiseSet
- SolarAzEl Calculator
- sunPositionCalculator
- solarPosition Calculator

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Lucas Tassilo Scharbrodt (2024). SOLAR_GUI (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2017b
Compatible with any release
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