ViewImage -- a multidimensional complex image viewer

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View slices of complex 3D images quickly.
Updated 5 Apr 2018

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It's often the case that we'd like to view an N-dimensional matrix as an image. In medical imaging, usually 3D datasets are (complex-valued) 3D (or more) grayscale matricies with numbers that can be of any size.
Viewimage is a script that has been kicking around on "sneakernet" for a long time to provide a convenient way to view slices through the stack without having to write statements such as "figure; set(gcf,'color','w'); imagesc(abs(image(:,:,1))); axis equal; axis off; colormap grayscale; ...'' over and over again. Just viewimage(image).

You can scroll through images with the mousewheel, or by left clicking and dragging up/down. Right clicking and dragging adjusts brightness and contrast. Simple tools are provided to save/restore white-levels, plot a point through the z-stack, and plot an ROI of interest through the z-stack. Other functions, such as setting a default zoom, are available as key/value pairs.

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