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A session manager (also with User Interface) saving working directory, path and editor files.


Updated 18 May 2018

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A simple collection of functions useful to manager multiple projects. You can save, load your projects and switch between them. Every time you load a project, it reopens all your files into the editor and set current search path, granting you to start to code without reset all your environment stuff.
* Save and Load sessions, system wide or locally
* Switch session via command line
* User-friendly dialogs
* Name collision warnings
* A complete user interface to manage all sessions

Each session is saved in a .mat file with .msession extension in your %userpath% folder on you local machine. This guarantees a safe place for sessions regardless of your current working path. Each session file contains:
* Files opened in matlab editor
* Current directory path
* Current working path


type 'SessionManager' in console to open the user interface.
See html help for more details about access session manager function programmatically.

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Lorenzo C. (2021). SessionManager (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Lorenzo C.

I'm really sorry it broken, unfortunately i have not R2018b to check this error. hopefully you can continue to access the programmatic interface. As soon as possible i will try to fix it maybe with a new interface built with application api.


Works great in R2018a.
Unfortunately it's broken in R2018b:
Undefined function 'getViewport' for input arguments of type 'handle.handle'.
Error in SessionManager>listboxSessions_CreateFcn (line 165)


Lorenzo C.

Hi Mehmet,
Thank you for you comment.

About save info in a mat file, i just use builtin matlab functions and they works as expected, so i can't help about.

I code this session manager as spin-off project, so i will add a complete related GUI when i will have some free time to spend here, i can just tell i don't add the gui shortly but it is yet in my plans for this contribution. At this stage i just provide some dialog boxes taking care of missing parameters and some name-collision checking to avoid to overwrite files or call two projects with the same name.


Hi Lorenzo,
Thank you four your valuable contribution to the community.

I'm also working on a session manager project for MATLAB. Your code is more professional than mine. I also tried to save the session info in a .mat file however it is damaged in an unrecoverable way for some unknown reasons. Then, I tried to write all the info in a .txt file in a systematic way.
Will you/do you consider to provide a GUI for your session manager?

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Compatible with any release
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