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Automatic(Easy) figure to eps/png conversion. Multiple options &minimal effort, excellent for Latex!
Updated 13 Apr 2018

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function convertFig2Eps(figPathOrFileNms,varargin)

Description: Automatically(with minimal effort) converts figure(s) to EPS
format (by default). The format is aimed for publishing. The function has multiple
options for the convenience of the user.
INPUT(s) : all iinputs are optional
Main input: 'figPathOrFileNms' = > figure file, folder that contains
multiple figures, or list(cell) of figure file paths.
Extra options for paths: 'subdir' => includes all subdirectories for
(any) of the input(s) in 'figPathOrFileNms' is a directory path(s)
Extra options for fig: 'png' 'expand' 'normalize' 'wait' 'save'
Option: 'png' => specifies alternative output image format
Option: 'expand' => exapnds(maximizes) the axes within the figure window
Option: 'normalize' => normalizes the window to the screen size (fullscreen)
Option: 'wait' => waits before any for keypress "ENTER" after execution of all fomating(before 'save' and 'eval')
Option: 'save' => saves the changes made to the figure file in addition to the image output
Option: 'debug' => show which files were skiped over the conversion (i.e. are not *.fig files)
Extra options for fontsize using flags: 'fontsize1'/'fontsize2'/'fontsize3'/ ... /'fontsize100'

Extra options for fig: eval string format: ['eval:','---string to evaluate----']
This option can evaluate any command/function/script to additionally
process the figure before saving. For reference use the following
internal handles

Internal Figure File Full Path & Name: inputName => [pathstr,name,~] = fileparts(inputName);
Internal Figure Handle Name: fig => the current figure handle
Internal axes Handle/Variable Placeholder: ax => empty variable, can be used for any purpose

OUTPUT: the output is the converted to image from the converted figure in
the specified format

example 1: "convertFig2Eps" /or/ "convertFig2Eps()" /or/ "convertFig2Eps('.')"
example 2: "convertFig2Eps('C:','subdir','png','expand','normalize','fontsize100','save','eval:disp(fig.Number);')"

----- Possible future options add ETA for long conversions.

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Yasen P (2024). convertFig2Eps(figPathOrFileNms,varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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