Persistent Data for Lookup Tables in Simulink

How to speed up Simulink models that use large lookup tables.
Updated 20 May 2018

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Loading large lookup tables in Simulink models can be the bottle neck for the simulation speed. This is more important when you cannot load a lookup table into the base workspace or model workspace when you build a Simulink library. When you don't know how the library will be used, loading data into the base or model workspace can cause problems and thus it is bad practice to do so. This set of files shows how to load a lookup table in the mask initialization of a subsystem block and then save it to UserData. On subsequent runs, the data stored in UserData is used for the lookup table. The speed up is 10-50x.

The methodology will work in very old versions of MATLAB. However, the Simulink files attached are 2018a.

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Jason Nicholson (2024). Persistent Data for Lookup Tables in Simulink (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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