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version (12.2 KB) by Dimosthenis Floros
Program for transferring FE-mesh data from ABAQUS to MATLAB


Updated 21 Jun 2018

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The purpose of the provided program is to extract the FE-mesh data (topology matrices, nodal coordinates and dof matrices) from an ABAQUS input (.inp) file to MATLAB. Currently, the program supports transferring data from 2D solid mechanics ABAQUS FE-models, whereas compatibility of the program will be expanded to virtually any type of finite element in the near future.
The provided .zip file contains all the functions needed to run the program from MATLAB as well as a fully-documented example of how to call the main function. In short, main function "abaqusMesh2Matlab.m" should be called with the necessary input arguments. The function itself calls text-processing functions which are included in the main folder.

Naming conventions of the FE-matrices have been inspired by FE-toolbox, CALFEM.

If needed to cite this work, please use the following entry:

Floros, D. (2018). abaqusMesh2Matlab: Program for extracting FE-mesh data, version 1.1. URL

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Two functions have been updated such that specified node sets (user-defined) are always computed as vectors.

Updated citing information.

Fixed a bug regarding generated node sets in functions "findSet.m" and "findGeneratedNodes.m".

Description of the program in "File exchange" has been updated.

Documentation of "abaqusMesh2Matlab.m" has been updated.

Citation information has been added in the latest update.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2017a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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