ashape: a pedestrian alpha shape extractor

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extracts 2d alpha shapes from a set of x/y data points
Updated 13 Apr 2010

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ASHAPE is a simple wrapper for ASLIB, which implements several (optimized) subroutines to extract and display 2d alpha shapes and alpha patches from a set of x/y data points

ASLIB returns a structure, which contains all relevant parameters, data and results including graphics handles to plotted elements

furthermore, ASLIB returns function handles to all of its computational and graphics subroutines, which can be used by a programmer to create more elaborate wrappers or guis

the latest version of ASLIB can always be attached to an existing set of parameters p by
> p.f = aslib;
or by simply re-running the data
> p = ashape(p);

for general instructions see:
> help ashape
> help aslib
for explanations of subroutines and a small glossary of terms see:
> aslib -s
for explanations of fields see:
> aslib -f
for explanations of options see:
> aslib -o

look at the accompanying published m-file for a few examples

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us (2024). ashape: a pedestrian alpha shape extractor (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2007a
Compatible with any release
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Version Published Release Notes

added a programmer's section to the published M-file, which shows how to extract various alpha elements from the output; new macro; new field; version tag 13-Apr-2010 15:31:23

removed annoying colorbar message; version tag 03-Apr-2010 16:21:28

adjusted for r2010a after changes in DELAUNAY syntax; version tag 02-Apr-2010 22:58:45

TMW maintenance update; version tag: 24-Apr-2007 15:34:15