Resampling with arbitrary time shift in real number

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This sub-function resamples a signal and shifts it in time in real number
Updated 21 Nov 2019

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This sub-function resamples the signal and shifts it in time. The shift can be specified in real number (NOT integer multiple of dt of the upsampled signal). The resampling ratio can also be any real number.
The subfunction is useful when
- data obtained from smartphone has a sampling frequency slightly different from specified one (e.g. you want to convert a signal obtained at 101.23 Hz to a signal at 100 Hz).
- data sets obtained from multiple smartphones has sampling frequencies and initial delays slightly different from each other. These signals need to be converted to signals with the same sampling frequency and initial delay.
- data obtained from two different analog sensor has different time shift. Sensor 1 has time delay of 0.00123 second as compared to sensor 2 while they are both sampled at 100 Hz. Then convert sensor 1 signal with resampleIDUSF() with ID = 0.00123.
See also:
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