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version 2.2 (1.37 MB) by Elliot Layden
The classic dual n-back task implemented in Matlab; includes position, sound, and color options.


Updated 18 Nov 2019

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This is an implementation of the dual n-back task for Matlab, similar to Brain Workshop ( Dual n-back is widely used as a cognitive psychology task to measure and/or train working memory. This implementation offers many customization options and may be suitable for research, including within the MRI scanner. For instance, you can precisely control the number of lure or interference trials (i.e., n-back +/- 1). Lure trials require executive control to avoid indicating a match in error.

If you use the software in research or a commercial application, please cite it as:
Layden, E. A. (2018). N-Back for Matlab. G-Node Open Data. DOI:

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Layden, E. A. (2018). N-Back for Matlab. G-Node Open Data. DOI:

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Matej Varga

Thank you. Nice and pioneering contribution of n-back in Matlab! It would be great if the app will be furtherly developed in the future (more modes, settings, etc.)

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