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The dynamics of rigid bodies system

version 1.0.4 (648 KB) by Anna Sibilska-Mroziewicz
This live script uses the power of Live Scripts to teach students the dynamics of rigid body systems with customizable illustrations.


Updated 15 Jun 2019

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This live script uses the power of Live Scripts to teach students the dynamics of rigid body systems. It provides detailed graphics to illustrate a given system, and allows students to finalize the equations needed to model the system, providing useful, custom error messages if they model the system incorrectly. Students can adjust various values of system using numeric slider bars. The Live Script also makes use of the power of the Symbolic Math Toolbox in its equations, including specifying units for each parameter in the system. Submitted as part of the MATLAB Online Live Editor Challenge 2018.

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Anna Sibilska-Mroziewicz (2021). The dynamics of rigid bodies system (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (17)

Michal Uppal

Great studying material!

Andrea Labudzki

Very useful material. It really helped me study for the test :)

Jakub Kraciuk

Wonderful material, thank you so much!

Alexei Vasiliuk

Extremely useful material!

Kenda Al Melhem

Very helpful, definitely deserves more than 5 stars!!

Talha Muhammad

Jan Olchowik

Great teacher. This helped me a lot :)

Kenda Al Melhem

Abdullah Radwan

Daryna Budiakivska

Rohit Agrawal

Shaul Salomon

Christoph Hahn

Stefano Olivieri

Michelle Hirsch

Krzysztof Sibilski

Krzysztof Sibilski

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