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Introduction to Kalman Filter and Its Applications

version 1.0.3 (18.3 KB) by Youngjoo Kim
Kalman filter and extended Kalman filter examples for INS/GNSS navigation, target tracking, and terrain-referenced navigation.


Updated 31 Jan 2021

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Source code for examples in a book chapter "Introduction to Kalman Filter and Its Applications", IntechOpen (2018), written by Youngjoo Kim and Hyochoong Bang

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Youngjoo Kim and Hyochoong Bang, "Introduction to Kalman Filter and Its Applications", Kalman Filter, IntechOpen, 2018.

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Youngjoo Kim

Dear readers, some equations were wrongly implemented in the simulation (using inv(P) for prior P). The code has been revised and updated.

asaf rothschild

asaf rothschild

The code for KF produces different plots than the ones found in the source
Does anyone have any ideas why?

Iven Yi

There is an error in the Kalman gain
K = P\H'/(R+H*P\H');

should be:
K = P*H'/(R+H*P*H');

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