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GPS Visibility Predictor

version (2.63 MB) by Eric Ogier
Real time simulator for visibility prediction of GPS satellites


Updated 15 Mar 2019

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This application consists of a real time simulator of GPS constellation, including a suite of visualizations:
- World map with satellite geodetic positions, ground tracks and numeric GPS data,
- Sky map with satellite polar coordinates with regard to the local tangent plane,
- Visibility indicators, with satellites rise and set instants, and the number of visible and healthy satellites,
- Orbital planes and GPS constellation status.

The computation of GPS data is based on:
- Yuma or SEM format almanac (available online),
- UTC time from computer or user defined GPS time,
- User defined reference position,
- GPS operational advisory or constellation status (available online).

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Eric Ogier

I didn't have the possibility to check the behavior of the GUIs with MATLAB R2018b. Could you indicate the line at which the application fails ? Are you sure the configuration file (see directories) was available when you started the program ?

I tried to get this to run under R2018b all the GUI's fail-says index exceed matrix dimensions


- Improvement of the precision of GPS real time
- Modification of files management (initialization, almanac and map files)
- Introduction of a visualization of the number of visible satellites
- Introduction of a visualization of orbital planes

Introduction of SEM almanac.

Correction of a minor bug occurring during initialization file loading.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2018a
Compatible with R2016b to any release
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Windows macOS Linux