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Smart Nanosatellite Attitude Propagator (SNAP)

version 3.0 (373 KB) by Samir Rawashdeh
An orbit and attitude propagator for small satellites with models for control and environmental torques


Updated 28 Aug 2018

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The Smart Nanosatellite Attitude Propagator is an attitude propagator for
satellites that can be used to analyze the environmental torques affecting a
satellite and to design and analyze passive attitude stabilziation techniques,
such as Passive Magnetic Stabilization, Gravity Gradient Stabilziation and
Aerodynamic stabilization.

The model implements:
- A simple two-body gravitational model for orbit propagation
- Gravity gradient torque
- Magnetic torque due to permanent magnets
- Magnetic hysteresis torque and damping
- Aerodynamic torue for spacecraft that are rotationally symmetric every 90 degrees.

For more information on the implementation and capabilities of the model, see:

[1] Samir A. Rawashdeh, "Attitude Analysis of Small Satellites using Model-Based Simulation",
publication pending.

[1] Samir A. Rawashdeh, “Passive Attitude Stabilization for Small Satellites”,
Master’s Thesis, University of Kentucky 2010, Lexington, KY

[2] S. A. Rawashdeh, J. Lumpp, “Nano-Satellite Passive Attitude Stabilization
Systems Design by Orbital Environment Modeling and Simulation”, AIAA
Infotech@Aerospace Conference 2010, Atlanta, GA

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