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The Newton - Raphson Method

The Script Provides a demonstration of the "Newton - Raphson Method" , to solve various polynomial and transcendental equations


Updated 02 Oct 2018

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"The Newton - Raphson Method" uses one initial approximation to solve a given equation y = f(x).In this method the function f(x) , is approximated by a tangent line, whose equation is found from the value of f(x) and its first derivative at the initial approximation.

The tangent line then intersects the X - Axis at second point. This second point is again used as next approximation to find the third point.

The script proceeds in the same way and performs upto 100 iterations. The Accuracy required
(required no. of decimal places) is taken as input from the user. The error between solutions of each iteration is checked every time and if found less than required accuracy, the iterations are stopped.

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अंबरीश प्रशांत चांदूरकर Ambarish Prashant Chandurkar (2021). The Newton - Raphson Method (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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I need to run an example say functions, F1= x^2+y^2 - 5; F2 = x^3-3*x*y^2 -2; may you please tell me how will I do it? I am beginner to Matlab. Please help.

reza ahmadi

John Doe

Peter Rolph

Lee Marc Caya

Kritika Dass

Yaxiong Yu

Anna Beynon

Daniel Hogg

Renetus Masanja

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Inspired: Newton-Raphson-Secant Method

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