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Search strings that match multiple patterns with a single line of code.
Updated 7 Sep 2021

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`containstr` returns TRUE if PATTERNs is found in text S.
`startswith` returns TRUE if any element of PATTERNs at the start of text S.
`endswith` returns TRUE if any element of PATTERNs at the end of text S.
containstr(S, PATTERN)
startswith(S, PATTERN)
endswith(S, PATTERN)
Sometimes, I need to search strings that match multiple patterns.
The use of `strfind` (`regexp`) combing with for-loop (`cellfun`) makes the script look long and messy.
In newer version (R2016b), it is easy to do in a single line of code.
Just call the built-in functions `contains`, `startsWith`, or `endsWith`.
So, I created these functions for users with older version to search pattern in text.
These functions follow the same behaviour as Matlab's built-in.
Besides, my functions can treat search pattern as regular expression as needed.
No more for-loop is needed

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Version Published Release Notes

fix bugs


new functions `startswith`, `endswith`;
bug fix;
add output argument `AGONIST`;


fix bug


rewrite a concise version, and add 'regexp' engine


clear description