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Climate Data Toolbox for MATLAB

version 1.01 (107 MB) by Chad Greene
A set of low-level functions and tutorials for analyzing and displaying Earth science data.


Updated 21 Jun 2019

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This toolbox contains a standard set of MATLAB functions for analyzing and displaying climate data. The functions are computationally efficient, easy to use, and come with many tutorials that describe not only how to use CDT functions, but also offer guidance on how to interpret the results in the context of Earth science processes.

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Chad A. Greene, Kaustubh Thirumalai, Kelly A. Kearney, José Miguel Delgado, Wolfgang Schwanghart, Natalie S. Wolfenbarger, Kristen M. Thyng, David E. Gwyther, Alex S. Gardner, and Donald D. Blankenship. The Climate Data Toolbox for MATLAB. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 2019. doi:10.1029/2019GC008392

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Clare Ostle

How does the EOF program handle cyclic data at the poles? There is a large value discontinuity at the Prime Meridian, even when addressing the boundary condition prior to using the function, and the equal-area gridding used with datasets like CFSR, NCEP-NCAR, etc means the concentraion of data increaes with latitude.

jianzu hu


Leo Huang



Nick Hitt


Thank you so much Chad. I managed to get the updated version of trend fuction

Chad Greene

@Franck: That should work fine as long as the input t is a 1D array of length 288. If you type

cdt deseason

do you have any trouble running the examples?

Feel free to send me a personal email if you have a simple example I can run to recreate the problem.

@chad: this is the dimension of slp 33x17x288 (lon,lat,time)

Chad Greene

@Franck: What are the dimensions of the slp grid, and what are the dimensions of the time array?

Nice Job/toolbox Chad.
I would like to know how can I use deseason to remove seasonal cycles from the 3d grid slp(lon,lat,time) dataset.
I have tried to follow up your instruction but didn't succeed "Error: length of t must match dimensions of


Aidan Starr



Documentation updates.

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