color_shades: Create custom colormaps using any colors!

color_shades allows you to easily create custom colormaps using different colors from the rgb function (link in the description).
Updated 5 Apr 2019

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Create your custom colormap using the listed colors within the rgb function (required; download from

Example 1: Use a colormap going from green, to yellow, to red, to violet just execute:

my_colormap1 = color_shades({'green','yellow','red','violet'});

Now, let's use it plotting some data:


The result is showed in the image of this function.

Example 2 : Replicate a colormap used in colored infrared satellite images:

my_colormap2 = color_shades({'black','gray','white','steelblue','green','yellow','orange','darkred','pink'});

Using it when plotting satellite or model data you will get something like showed in Example 2 (see figure).

Example 3 : Create a colormap for displaying wind speed from model data:

wind_colors = {'white','azure','turquoise','yellow','orangered','Pink','white'};
my_colormap3 = color_shades(wind_colors);

See figure example 3 to see the result when creating a plot of wind using model data.

- You can use whichever number of colors you want. Just be sure of following the syntax of the examples to avoid errors.
- To see the full list of color names, execute rgb chart.
- Function does not support any other input than a cell string.
- Be creative!

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