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version 1.0.1 (2.46 KB) by Frederick Zittrell
Helps with organizing and referring to SUBPLOT axes with an interactive grid tile chooser.


Updated 08 May 2019

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This simple class helps with using SUBPLOT(M, N, P) by showing the SUBPLOT grid
that will be created. The user can interactively choose the grid tiles that should
be used for each axes by brushing the displayed rectangles. The property 'p' then
holds a two-column matrix where each row is the P-input to each axes in the
SUBPLOT for the respective grid part.


m = 4; % rows
n = 6; % columns
p = subplotHelper(m, n).getP; % open grid tile chooser, close figure to continue

x = -5:0.1:5;
for iP = 1:size(p, 1)
ax = subplot(m, n, p(iP, :));
plot(ax, x, sin(x)+randn(size(x)));

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Frederick Zittrell (2020). subplotHelper (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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