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version 3.1.0 (7.96 MB) by Dorian Depriester
Matlab toolbox for generating meshes from EBSD data


Updated 08 Feb 2021

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In order to evaluate the thermo-mechanical behaviour of crystalline materials (such as metals or ceramics) at microscopic scale, one usually performs numerical simulation at grain scale using the Finite Element Method. In order to proceed, one must first create a mesh which is representative of the real material.

The microstructure of crystalline materials is usually characterized using Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) technique. Thus, this toolbox is designed to generate meshes from EBSD in a robust and accurate way.

Cite As

Depriester, Dorian, and Régis Kubler. “MTEX2Gmsh: a Tool for Generating 2D Meshes from EBSD Data.” Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 5, no. 52, The Open Journal, Aug. 2020, p. 2094, doi:10.21105/joss.02094.

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Inspired: B-spline approximation

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