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Anatomical data visualization toolfbox for fMRI/ECoG

version 1.0.0 (28.6 MB) by Edden M. Gerber
Matlab functions for flexible plotting of intracranial or fMRI data on 3D brain models


Updated 23 May 2019

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This toolbox provides functions to visualize 3D brain models in Matlab, as well as to flexibly plot data on and around the brain surfaces. The toolbox includes a
demo script and data to get you quickly familiarized with it. All functions include comprehensive documentation; type 'help <function name> to access description and usage instructions.

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Edden M. Gerber (2021). Anatomical data visualization toolfbox for fMRI/ECoG (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (1)

Arslan Gabdulkhakov

Great library, and easy to use function. However, the transparency parameter in both plot_mesh_brain and plot_data_on_mesh did not change the picture, and I needed a library that could plot brain model in semi-transparent fashion.
Will appreciate if the transparency parameter could be fixed.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Inspired by: freezeColors / unfreezeColors

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