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Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm Pareto

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Updated 12 Nov 2019

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We propose a new method named SOMA Pareto, in which the algorithm is divided into the Organization, Migration, and Update processes. The important key in the Organization process is the application of the Pareto Principle to select the Migrant and the Leader, increasing the performance of the algorithm. The adaptive PRT, Step, and PRTVector parameters are applied to enhance the ability to search for promising subspaces and then to focus on exploiting that subspaces.

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DiepQ., ZelinkaI. and DasS. 2019. Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm Pareto. MENDEL. 25, 1 (Jun. 2019), 111-120. DOI:

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Yi Liu

Dear Sir,
The code cannot operate,it presents "Undefined function or method 'cec17_func' for input arguments of type 'double'.", i cann't solve it ,please give some advice.,My email address



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