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Plot Gui 2d

version 1.1.87 (5.66 KB) by Silas Henderson
y = f(x, t)


Updated 17 Sep 2020

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Stephen Cobeldick

A neat idea, but as the author themselves already noted, it "needs work". It would be significantly improved by:

1. Converting to a function or class, rather than a script.
2. Use of nested functions (or methods) rather than that global variable. Or parameterized functions.
3. Actually writing documentation specifying what variables, parameters, etc. can be written in the function box.
4. Getting rid of the "clear; clc; close all" on the first line.

Tina Fuhrmann

Take a look at this sin(10*x+t) ;)... it's going "forward" like the tires in an automobile add ;). There are too few points on the x-Axis used for the plot....
Great would be, if one could alternate other parameters, too... f.i. to show y=a*(sin(b*x+t))

Nevertheless a nive application!

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