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Dynamic Mode Decomposition [DMD] - Wrapper

version 1.0.1 (17.3 MB) by Fernando Zigunov
Wrapper function to perform DMD in N-Dimensional data sets. Reshapes data back and forth to facilitate handling.


Updated 20 Aug 2019

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I built this wrapper to facilitate processing when performing modal analysis in arbitrary data sets. The wrapper accepts an N-D input matrix (Big_X) that has its first dimension as time and the other dimensions can be whatever the application requires.

The wrapper (hopefully) reduces the barrier of entry when doing these calculations, as building your own DMD function from scratch is quite time-consuming. Although there indeed are other functions like this one on Matlab Exchange, I often found that the lack of easy-to-use outputs was sometimes hindering my progress. So hopefully you will also find this useful!

Attached an usage sample and a small data set of a shedding cylinder to test the usage. Thanks to Prof. Louis Cattafesta from Florida State University to inspire me to produce this. If you have any requests please let me know.

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Fernando Zigunov (2021). Dynamic Mode Decomposition [DMD] - Wrapper (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Gang Wang

Irsalan Arif

Hi. Could you please explain what does "first dimension in time" means? I have data for velocity for different time snaps. How should I build the matrix? I checked your sample but could not understand the Big_X matrix.

Thanks in advance


How is the VelocityFieldData structured here? I am not able to open it because of limitations. I have a set of data with columns point1 point2 velx, vely in each time snapshots. How do I arrange this in big matrix form to be able to use with this code? The question could sound naive :) would appreciate your insights.

Rohin McIntosh


Can you please let me know what should be the value of dt (delta t)?

Best regards,

Udhav Gawandalkar

velocity data is already included in the wrapper. Just change the name of line

Jie Ren

Thanks for the example!

Fernando Zigunov

Shuai Feng, thanks for the interest, I'm afraid I did not understand your question.

Shuai Feng

How can i get the velocity date?

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