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Check your FEX author rank

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Display and record your FEX statistics

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Updated 04 Apr 2016

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Editor's Note: This file was a File Exchange Pick of the Week

Function VANITY retrieves a FEX contributor's number-of-downloads and rank statistics, adds them to a history file, and plays Handel's Hallelujah chorus if the rank has improved since the latest check.

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Dimitri Shvorob (2021). Check your FEX author rank (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Haha, great stuff. This can also have other applications, e.g., keeping track of rankings from other websites!

Jonathan Archer

Please ignore my previous post if your script already creats a permanent (and not one-time) history log.

Jonathan Archer

Can you update this function to simply have an option to just record the total hits for each of the author's files, along with the current date and time, into the mat file? This will be like creating a log. After scheduling this to run everyday for a month, I'd like to then create plots for each of my files from there.

Sergei Koptenko

Next version could perhaps include a funeral march if rank goes down sharply :-)

Eduard van der Zwan

This is the best waste of time ever written in MATLAB

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