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LMS equalizer example

version 1.0.1 (1.29 KB) by Andrey Kiselnikov
This is a demo example of the LMS equalization method.


Updated 26 Nov 2019

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What you can try:
1. Change the length of the training sequence: N.
2. Change equalizer order: eq_len.
3. Change the convergence multiplier: mu.
4. Try different signal model for system training

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Andrey Kiselnikov (2021). LMS equalizer example (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Ahmad hany

I run the example and understand each line in it but I have a question, in LMS the [MSE error vs itterations] graph is usually has instantaneous errors due to doesn't take into consideration the expectation in the adaptive equation, but on average it ends with almost zero error.

Why the is so clean like that ? why there are no fluctuations !

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