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MATLAB WSN Code for a wsn find a shotestpath between two nodes and send data
Updated 25 Nov 2019

MATLAB WSN Code for a wsn find a shortestpath between two nodes and send data. (you choose parameters - almost fully personalized)

Its WSN has range tolerance between nodes (you choose the range - in meters). As soon nodes establish conection, due range tolerance (position sorted randomly in a 1km x 1km terrain). The shorthest path alg get a route and starts send data from node 1 (source) to node 2 (target), till any node node involved in the route path die due energy failure (all nodes involved in route decreases its energy - also randomly defined). After a route failure, it gets next shortest route and keeps sending.. and so on, till no paths between source and target left....

Obviosuly it my code... i started with matlab 2 week ago, never heard about this program before. Surely code can be improved, but i respectfully makes it available for those that have urgent needings...

hope i can help someone (I do it from the deep of my heart). Now i go keep working on it... because i need to implement ACO (Ant colony Optimization) to it...


my goal is to analise if ACO can improve network life time in comparion with an "extra routing engine" (Like shortest path, wich is an vector-distance routing engine, like AODV, RIP, etc).

Btw, i will be glad and happy with someone else help, if not, i think i can go by myself with some fell more dedication... hugs everyone.

NOTE: Of course code can be improved... i see lot of briliant matlab coders here... so, lets keep helping ppl... congratz!

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.