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Truss Stiffness Calculator

version 1.1.1 (12.4 KB) by Dorian Depriester
This small program computes the stiffness matrix of a truss, assuming that this truss is composed of slender elastic elements (beams).


Updated 02 Dec 2019

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For mathematical explanations of the computation of stiffness matrices of truss, see for instance :

This contribution provides both:
- a simple function (TrussStiffness.m), which computes the truss stiffness, given the coordinates of the nodes and the list of connecting elements. This function works for 2D and 3D trusses (type "help TrussStiffness" for details).
- a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for computing the stiffness of simple structures in a user-friendly way.

To open the GUI, just execute the following command:

To open the GUI, define the structure, then save the stiffness matrix as a workspace variable (say, "M"), execute the following:

Note : This simple program was first intended for educational purpose. Thus, it is very simple (actually it is meant to be simple, in order to evidence how easy it is to program the computation of the stiffness matrix).

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Dorian Depriester (2021). Truss Stiffness Calculator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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