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Pearson's correlation for vectors with NaNs


Updated 14 Sep 2001

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Computes Pearson's product moment correlation for input vectors that contain NaN values.

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Denis Gilbert (2020). nancorrcoef (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Why restrict 20% limit haha~ but also thanks~


Unfortunately this script appears to be largely redundant given the built-in functionality of corrcoef.m. For example, I believe the following are equivalent:

Moreover, unlike corrcoef this script only works with 2 variables - a serious limitation. Thus, though nicely written, there appears little reason to use this script. That said, it does have one unique feature in that it provides built-in checks/info on the proportion of NaN data. This is a nice idea, and perhaps the script could be re-written as a wrapper to corrcoef whilst retaining this convenient functionality.

- Clearly written and well-documented
- Provides convenient checks on the proportion of NaN data

- Only works with 2 variables
- Is largely redundant (can be done directly with corrcoef.m)

kuba wlodarczyk

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