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version 1.0.2 (11.5 KB) by J. Benjamin Kacerovsky
Collection of some "little" functions I wrote to make my life easier.


Updated 02 Jul 2020

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A collection of some "little" functions I wrote to make my life easier. Most of these are very simple and the goal for most was to have a faster more convenient way of accessing built-in Matlab functions to avoid having to type the same code all the time.
More Snippets will be added over time.


insertTemplateHeader - inserts a predefined header template into an active script; there are a number of similar functions on the MathWorks exchange. As far as I could find, these typically create a new script with the header template (and some seem to require going through a GUI,... while extra typing is exactly what I wanted to avoid). I wrote this version since I generally wanted to be able to insert a header into a function, at the end of my workflow, once I am done building a function and decide to publish it or to add a header so I can remember what it does later on.

VECTOR FUNCTIONS: I have previously published drawVector and planePlotter each by itself on the File Exchange.

drawVector- draws 2D or 3D vectors from specified points
planePlotter - draws a plane defined by a point and normal vector

getVectorAngle - calculates the angle between 2 n-dimensional vectors
(built for 2D and 3D, but should work for all dimensions)

These functions were primarily written to create test objects of known underlying geometry to test functions on voxelated objects, or isosurface FV meshes

VoxelSphereCreator - creates a (binary) voxelated sphere of defined radius around a defined point in a given 3D matrix/image.
spheres can optionally be deformed along the main axes to create ellipsoids

meshSphereCreator - Creates a triangulated sphere of a defined radius using Matlab's built isosurface function.
spheres can optionally be deformed along the main axes to create ellipsoids

these are tiny snippets (just a few lines) that really don't do very much but do save a bit of repetitive typing. These were nuisance enough for me at one point to make them into functions

isoSwitch - switch the 1st and 2nd column of vertex coordinates (x, y) in an FV struct.
For some reason, x and y coordinates are switched when using the isosurface function to create a triangulated mesh from a binary image (bw matrix), with respect to the original image. These three lines switch them back (aligning the mesh and original image)

findIdx - returns xyz index of voxels > 0 as Nx3 matrix

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Claudius Simon Appel

Your InsertFunctionHeader function is amazing, and definetly saves a lot of time. I'll go over all my files with it tomorrow, to clean up the mess I have left in the function descriptions so far. Don't really need the other functions so far, but you never know^^.

Chang hsiung





more snippets and description addedd

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