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Display a text file

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Display a text file in a popupmenu.

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Display a text file in a popupmenu

Usuage: popupmessage(filename,window_name)

E.g., popupmessage('popupmessage.m','popupmessage.m');

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Neal Tesney

Thanks! This is great. I've been waiting for years for Mathworks to come up with a separate scrolling window to send text to, but this is just as good.

James J. Cai

It will be better if I can copy and paste... anyway, thanks a lot.

Adel cadeem

what do u mean by name of window and name of file. i dont get it at alll.. i pasted the command into the mfile editor and it doesn work. help me

Ayal Anis

Cool thing!
Will use.



Remove a bug that opening empty file would lead to error.

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MATLAB 6.0 (R12)

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