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version 1.0.3 (8.56 MB) by Jesús Lucio
Plays 'any' chord or arpeggio in a variety of instruments.


Updated 02 Jun 2020

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The program shows a window with a roulette (showing the 12 semitones), a 2-octave piano and some options.
You can play the virtual piano using different instruments (simple sine wave, real piano, real guitar, real flute).
You can also play a note clicking on the roulette.
You can play (PLAY button or space bar) 'any' chord with the chosen instrument.
You can easily (with up/down arrows or up/down scroll) change the tonic note and also easily (with left/right arrows) change the mode.
You can select between chord (all notes are played at a time) or arpeggio (ascending, descending or ascending-descending) and the delay (between following notes) in this last option.
F1: to see a brief help.

Unzip all in a folder (PIANO, GUITAR and FLUTE subfolders should appear) and just run "MATLAB_CHORDS_0000" in MATLAB (as always, you should be placed in that folder, through cd foldername, or it should be added in MATLAB PATH).

More modes and instruments can be added in a future.
Real instruments were downloaded from University of Iowa. Electronic Music Studios (, and extracted, conditioned and converted to wav.
If you want to donate: (thanks!)

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Jesús Lucio (2021). MATLAB CHORDS (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2020a
Compatible with R2016a and later releases
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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