Locate dependent sub-functions of m-files.
Updated 8 Sep 2005

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function funnames = DepSubFun(CS,ExcludeRoot);

DEPSUBFUN Locate dependent functions of an M-file.But, unlike DEPFUN, it will look *inside* m-files for *subfunctiosn* and the ability to excludes files that are in the MATLAB root (default).

The intent of finding the subfunctions is to prevent repetition and to identify which functions need to be updated so if you fix one copy, then you will know there are other copies out there that need to be fixed.

The intent of excluding files in the MATLAB root is to find which files must be included in a distribution so they may be uploaded to the MATLAB File Exchange.

CS, a cellstring of file names (the files you want analysed)

ExcludeRoot, 0 if you want all function names, 1 if you only want the ones not in the MATLAB root.

funnames, a cellstring of functions and subfunctions

>> DepSubFun({})


Keyworkds depfun, dependent, function, subfunction, name

It's not fancy, but it works

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Michael Robbins (2024). DepSubFun (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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