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version 1.1.1 (16 MB) by Enrico Bertolazzi
1D and 2D splines


Updated 06 May 2021

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`Splines` is a set of C++ classes (with MATLAB mex interface) which implements varios spline interpolation.
The classes are the following:

- ConstantSpline, for piecewise constants functions
- LinearSpline, for piecewise linear interpolation
- CubicSpline, for classical cubic spline interpolation
- AkimaSpline, for Akima "non oscillatory" spline interpolation
- BesselSpline, for Bessel "non oscillatory" spline interpolation
- HermiteSpline
- PchipSpline
- QuinticSpline, Simple quintic spline based on PCHIP

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Enrico Bertolazzi (2021). Splines (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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毅斌 张

Edoardo Pagot

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